Vacuum Furnaces Overhauls

Relines (Hot Zone Plus)

VAS are the global specialist in vacuum furnace overhauls & repairs. From minor hot-zone repairs & retrofits, to full hot-zone overhauls. VAS can cater for all requirements.

Combining the most experienced workforce in the industry, & OEM approved materials; our hot-zones are of the highest quality.

Our new Hot-Zone Plus allows you not to worry about the reline of your hot-zone. With a pre-agreed guarantee our customers can have the upmost confidence that VAS, will not only reline your hot-zone, but ensure our experienced engineers undertake in depth maintenance checks both prior & after the hot-zone has been reinstalled & commissioned.


Our experience team of vacuum furnace engineers have successfully, decommissioned, transported & commissioned vacuum furnace globally. Whether relocating your vacuum furnace internally, or globally, VAS will provide a structured plan to ensure the minimum downtime, & least hassle.


With the most experienced workforce in the industry, VAS have the knowledge to not only refurbish your vacuum furnace, but also upgrade & redesign any flaws that the vacuum furnace may have. From brand new vessels, to control system upgrades. Our engineers have worked on all types & manufacturers of vacuum furnace & know the best solution for your needs. With suggested modifications, VAS will guide you to maximise performance, with minimal downtime.

Our refurbishments & upgrades are quickly returned to the state of the art condition they once were, without making any major investment.


Repairs & breakdowns are inevitable. With a guaranteed next day response for our service contract customers, VAS have the quickest & most versatile team of engineers within the industry.

Our team of vacuum engineers have worked on all manufacture’s of vacuum furnace, & solved all issues & breakdowns they have been faced with. From damaged parts, to control panel faults, VAS will work alongside you to ensure all problems are solved, & get the furnace up and running as soon as possible.

PD Metrics®
PdMetrics® – Powerful but Simple Diagnostics

Imagine a tool that allows you to anticipate disruption. A tool that gives you the power to optimize equipment performance and production efficiency. That’s the power of the PdMetrics® software platform for predictive maintenance.

By integrating predictive maintenance with heat treatment equipment, you are able to:

  • Anticipate future furnace problems and reduce unplanned downtime
  • Achieve better furnace performance through proactive maintenance
  • Leverage Ipsen’s vast experience through automated analysis performed by the PdMetrics® algorithms
  • Connect to real-time furnace visibility for faster, better decision making
  • Achieve smart factory integration with furnace fleet analytics, allowing you to see the health of all furnaces at all of your facilities
  • Analyze data surrounding failures to determine the root cause
  • Visit Ipsen’s PdMetrics page to learn more about the software platform for predictive maintenance.