Atmosphere Furnaces

New Atmosphere Furnaces

VAS in partnership with Ipsen are able to offer the world’s most advanced & reputable atmosphere furnaces’. From space saving designs to multipurpose heating chambers, VAS & Ipsen will find your ideal new atmosphere furnace. With the world’s largest atmosphere furnace product range, VAS & Ipsen will be able to find a new atmosphere furnace to suit all of your needs.

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Ipsen’s ATLAS batch atmosphere furnace line delivers precision and versatility through intelligent interfaces, advanced controls and ease of integration. It also provides innovative features, such as a compact footprint, shelf-mounted quench oil heaters for ease of maintenance and an energy-efficient combustion system. Overall, the ATLAS line provides full-scale solutions for all of your heat-treating needs.

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Ipsen’s RT/T atmosphere system provides comprehensive control over the heat treatment process and uses intelligent automation software that helps simplify facility planning. With high-quality insulation, cutting-edge recycling technology and the ability to be pre-programmed for energy efficiency, the RT/T produces efficient results, from reducing energy usage and costs to ensuring optimum performance and high-quality results.

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Mesh Belt

Ideal for large quantities of small parts and repeatable heat treatment results, Ipsen’s mesh belt furnace maintains low energy costs and maximum uptime. The mesh belt furnace was developed to meet rigorous quality requirements and contains several special features: independent control zones, guiding muffles and an extended element lifespan.

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Rotary Hearth

Ipsen’s rotary hearth furnace is extremely versatile and well-suited for heat treating large quantities of the same parts with its ability to operate as a stand-alone unit or interlinked with other plant components. Designed for carburizing shallow case depths, as well as reheating pre-treated work pieces, this robust atmosphere furnace features a high throughput with even temperature distribution, as well as a special tray and door design for maximum performance.

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Used Atmosphere Furnaces

Whether looking for a low temperature air oven, or a used atmosphere furnace, VAS stock a comprehensive range of used & refurbished atmosphere furnaces. Please see below for our full range of used & refurbished atmosphere furnaces.

If you can’t find the used atmosphere furnace you’re looking for, please let us know, & using our global connections we may be able to source something closer to your requirements.


  • Manufacture: Ipsen
  • Model: TQ-5-EM
  • Serial No: 58.686
  • Year: 1987
  • Space Required:  Width: 3.5 m  Height: 4 m  Depth: 6 m
  • Working Space:  Width: 610 mm Height: 610 mm Depth: 910 mm
  • Temperature : Working Temp: 850 – 1000 oC  – Temperature Uniformity: +/- 10oC
  • Max Gross Weight: 350 kg
  • Type Of Heating: Electric (can be converted)
  • Rating of Heating: 172 A
  • Connected Load: 114 kva
  • Rated Voltage (3 phase 50Hz): 380 V
  • Protective Gas Type: Endogas
  • Pilot Gas (flame curtains): Propane
  • Atmosphere Gas Volume: 8.5 m3/h
  • Quench Medium: Oil
  • Control System: Carbo Prof