Atmosphere Furnace Overhauls

Re-Bricks (Re-Brick Plus)

VAS offer full & partial rebricks for all designs & manufactures of industrial atmosphere furnaces. Using OEM approved material & parts, VAS offer the highest quality with maximum performance. VAS undertake the following steps when rebricking an atmosphere furnace –

  • Complete turnkey service
  • Glaze resistant hearth & muffle
  • High alloy muffles
  • Inner door
  • Front door
  • Ceramic or Sic radiant tubes
  • Chains & fan


Our experience team of atmosphere furnace engineers have successfully, decommissioned, transported & commissioned atmosphere furnace globally. Whether relocating your atmosphere furnace internally, or globally, VAS will provide a structured plan to ensure the minimum downtime, & least hassle.


With the constant advancement of technology, we understand our customers deserve the best in performance. We aim to achieve this when refurbishing or upgrading any atmosphere furnace. Whether we upgrade the control system or install new safety features.

Refurbishments & upgrades are quickly returned to the state of the art condition they once were, without making any major investment.


VAS offer a fully comprehensive support over the phone, but some issues can’t always be resolved through a phone call. For these cases our vastly experienced team of engineers are on standby & ready to help. From instrument issues to mechanical breakdowns, our engineers will repair & advise you through any problems you may have. Our aim is to minimise downtime, & by suggesting any actions that may prevent the breakdown in the future we expect all of the furnaces to run issue free.

Ipsen Ecotelligence

Ipsen is optimizing the efficiency of its furnaces and equipment by providing more efficient heat treatment solutions. These advanced systems and technology include:


This hardware and software solution allows the gas-fired heating system already installed in your furnace to burn natural and protective gas. As a result, you can optimize processes, reduce costs and protect the environment.


With the EndoSave system, you can achieve a controlled range of 10-100% of the maximum output of the endothermic gas generator, meaning only the required amount of gas is produced.


An innovative, patented system for gas carburizing processes that reduces CO2 emissions, while also cutting process gas costs by up to 90%.

HydroNit® Sensor

This sensorprovides extremely accurate and reproducible detection of the hydrogen partial pressure. As a result,users can achieve extremely accurate and efficient control of their processes, especially in regard to gas consumption.

Blue Competence

Ipsen also supports the Blue Competence initiative, which involves providing sustainable solutions through innovation and technology.

Learn more about Ipsen’s Ecotelligence solutions at