Vacuum Furnaces

New Vacuum Furnaces

VAS in partnership with Ipsen are able to offer the world’s most advanced & reputable vacuum furnaces’. From simple to master control systems to advanced custom designs, VAS & Ipsen will find your ideal new vacuum furnace. With the world’s largest vacuum furnace product range, VAS & Ipsen will be able to find a new vacuum furnace to suit all of your needs.

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Ipsen’s TITAN® vacuum furnaces can be found at facilities around the world with their ability to operate in 20-plus languages and meet global industry standards. This standardized furnace features a small footprint and is available in a number of sizes and configurations. Designed for ease of use, the TITAN® furnace can also handle a number of different processes, including annealing, hardening, brazing, sintering and tempering.

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Achieve powerful performance, experience cutting-edge technology and utilize predictive maintenance capabilities in a single, compact vacuum furnace: the TITAN® 2.0. This furnace comes complete with Ipsen’s PdMetrics® software platform for predictive maintenance and incorporates years of customer feedback to deliver improved, user-friendly features, all while maintaining a global platform, small footprint and short delivery times.

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The TITAN® LT low-temperature vacuum furnace combines cleanliness and efficiency through the use of both vacuum and convection heating. Annealing, bright aging, brazing, normalizing and stress relieving can all be accomplished with the TITAN LT furnace, and it is ideal for tempering applications in the Medical, Aerospace and Tooling industries. Whether you require workpiece uniformity or process performance efficiency, the TITAN LT furnace delivers the necessary solutions.

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TITAN DS (Debind & Sinter)

Backed by nearly 70 years of thermal processing expertise, Ipsen’s TITAN® DS sintering furnace upholds Ipsen’s reputation for quality, better performance and advanced features for less cost. A skid-mounted system that installs in days, the TITAN DS furnace offers a small footprint, manufacturing versatility and operation efficiency with minimal costs – all of which add up to increased profitability and response times.

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Ipsen’s Turbo2Treater continues to set new standards in quality, versatility and efficiency. In addition, with high quench speeds and uniform cooling and heating, enhanced part quality is consistently achieved. Re-engineered for ease of installation and global operation, the Turbo2Treater now offers the latest technical solutions. Its reliable, cost-effective design and standardized production process allow us to provide quick delivery times and pass on savings to you.

Achieve maximum flexibility, faster cycle times and minimized part distortion with the Turbo2Treater furnace’s advanced standard and optional features, as well as its ability to adapt to a wide range of materials, geometries and loads.

In the end, Turbo2Treater is a high-quality vacuum furnace that adheres to a consistent global standard, all while offering a range of sizes, versatility of processes, speed and uniformity.

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This multi-purpose furnace is designed for clean and efficient processing, as well as fast purging and cooling rates. The VDR furnace is ideal for gas nitriding, ferriticnitrocarburizing, ProNox, clean tempering and annealing. It also features excellent temperature uniformity, vacuum purge for fast cycle times and optional fast cooling that reduces cycle times by up to 30 percent.

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Used Vacuum Furnaces

Looking for a used vacuum furnace? VAS stock a comprehensive range of used & refurbished vacuum furnaces. Please see below for our full range of used & refurbished vacuum furnaces.

If you can’t find the used vacuum furnace you’re looking for, please let us know, & using our global connections we may be able to source something closer to your requirements.


  • Manufacture: Degussa
  • Year : 1986
  • Work Dimensions: 1200mm dia x 1200mm deep
  • Ulimate Vacuum: 10-5 Range
  • Working Vacuum: 10-5 Range
  • Load SIze: 1200kg
  • Max Temp: 1250 C
  • Quench Pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Heating Set: Molybdenum


  • Manufacture: Ipsen
  • Model: VFC 1924-R
  • Year : 1986


Unit Consists of:
  • Furnace
  • Control Cabient
  • Vessel
  • Control by Siemens Simatic PC 125


Technical Data:
  • Gas Pressure: 1.5 bar max
  • Vacuum Levels : Min. 10×10-5 – 10 mbar
  • Working Temp: Min. 600oC – Max 1280oC
  • Input Power: 328 kWA / 380 V / 3ph / 50 Hz
  • Heating Equipment:  300 kW / 67 V /50Hz
  • Work Zone: 1220 x 1220 x 900mm
  • Part Weight Approx: 900kg