New Heat Treatment Oven Delivered & Installed

VAS are extremely pleased to announce the delivery, build up and install of a brand new SNOL 1800/650 chamber up heat treatment oven.

The new 1800/650 electric heat treatment oven boasts a chamber volume of 1800 litres & 1500mm wide x 1200mm deep x 1000mm high working zone. With a working temperature range of 40°C to 650°C & achieving uniformity of +/- of 5°C the 1800/650 is ideal for all customers working towards strict tolerances & specifications.

The 1800/650 can be used for various heat treatment processes including hardening, normalizing, stress relieving & any other process requiring a working temperature of 650°C. The modern but robust & heavy duty design of the 1800/650 allows the oven to perform in all areas of heat treatment from laboratory/research & development to industrial production heat treatment.

VAS offer a wide range of heat treatment equipment such as vacuum furnaces & atmosphere furnaces for all industries & processes. Products ranging from Laboratory furnaces to custom ovens as big as 10mand a temperatures ranging from 40C to 1300C.

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