SOLD – Endothermic Generator G-2000-G

VAS are delighted to have sold a new G-2000-G Endothermic Generator.

 It is brilliant to see another UK company investing in new plant equipment & choosing VAS to support & supply of all atmosphere heat treatment equipment.

 The G-2000-G Endothermic Generators have a modular design and VAS can supply several sizes of endothermic generators (G750-G4000) to meet the needs of VAS customers. For ease of use, programs are preinstalled for regeneration of the retort (conditioning cycle), starting and cooling down. These generators can be electrically heated or gas fired, and can be equipped with either highly efficient air-cooled or water-cooled heat exchangers

 The G-2000-G Endothermic Generator will be delivered within the next few weeks, with install, commissioning & testing over 5 days before production can begin.

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