Unrivalled Furnace Engineers & Experience

We are delight to announce the return of Lee Hollis, adding to our already vastly experienced furnace engineering team.

Lee, joined VAS in 2001 & completed his apprenticeship in 2005. VAS are extremely proud to that Lee went on to work on both atmosphere & vacuum furnaces until 2018.

Now returning after 16 months elsewhere, Lee contributes a wealth of knowledge & experience to the unrivalled furnace engineering team at VAS.

Following this, we would also like to congratulate Daniel Perry on completing his apprenticeship & becoming a fully qualified furnace engineer. Daniel has been with VAS since 2016 & we are delighted that Daniel is our 11th employee to complete their apprenticeship & work for VAS.

Both Lee & Daniel are real assets to VAS & we look forward to many prosperous years providing the highest quality service & products to the heat treatment industry.