VCS+ 2.0 – New Vacuum Furnace Control System & Panel

VAS are pleased to announce the manufacture & install of a new VCS+ 2.0 vacuum furnace control system.

The fully NADCAP/AMS compliant vacuum furnace control system & control panel has been successfully manufactured, installed & commissioned during the pandemic by our electrical furnace engineers.

We are extremely proud of the below testimonial from our customer & look forward to installing the next two VCS+ systems.

“VAS, once again have provided an excellent service to our company and myself. The new control panel that they have designed, built and installed has been carried out perfectly to my specification requirements and has integrated seamlessly into our pre-existing plant monitoring and control systems. The level of professionalism and care (especially during the difficult times of COVID-19) has been superb and the support they have provided (and continue to provide) is second to none. James and his team have provided an excellent partnership with me, going above and beyond to meet all requests.

I look forwards to working with VAS again very soon on our future vacuum furnace projects.”

The VCS+ 2.0 vacuum furnace control system displays an easy to use – customer specified – interface & prompt menus, advanced alarm system, remote diagnostics & monitoring, as well as innovative VAC Guardian that helps protect your vacuum furnace from problems & prevent downtime.

The VCS+ 2.0 vacuum furnace control system also boasts a P-Trim which allows our customers to perform precise temperature uniformity surveys on not only new or refurbished equipment, but even on old troublesome furnaces.

For more information, please contact us at or +44 (0) 121 544 4385